Big Sean – I Decided. (Album Review)

From the moment Bounce Back was released i instantly was hooked off the flow. I was soo excited for the album to be released! YAY for Spotify seriously! The day after the album released i was mentally prepared.. To be honest I’ve never been a huge Big Sean fan .. of course I’ve always liked his music, and enjoyed bumping it when going on a road trip or turning up.. but not someone i would just watch YouTube videos of in interviews and just enjoyed learning about like i do when i really love an artist. So i didn’t know what i was in store for, but i was excited non the less, because the few songs that i had heard had already been apart of “my Favs” Songs on my playlist!

So it took me a couple days to finally write a review about it.. Because my heart was so full after hearing it. I’am not even joking…. It was one of those albums that you have to hear front to back 10 times in a row… and still continue to listen to.. until it all full sinks in…

So lets start with the Intro… You hear this older person talking to God… talking about his regrets… and what he wishes he could of changed… and then .. the person dies… But after listening to the album several times and digesting it.. I understood the meaning… Big Sean was creating a concept of him (older version) talking to himself now… you’ll understand this after you hear the last song… when hes on the phone with his mother and is speaking on how he decided to change what he feels is yet to come…

then it quickly transitions into Light ft Jeremiah which is just such a beautiful song… you learn alot about him.. and a little of his journey.. which btw i love LOOVE how true he is in this album… its so raw and real… and i commend him so much for that! ~ “Don’t let them take away your soul, don’t let them take away what makes you whole.”

Then Bounce Back follows it… tbh I’ve kinda already played out this song a little too much haha. But its the song that captured my attention for the album.. which makes sense.. because before you release an album you need to have “that single” … (which must be hard to choose).. because it has to capture so many peoples attention and it has to have a little preview of your theme within the album… and man did he deliver… (in my eyes)

No Favors Ft. Eminem becomes number 4 on his tracklist… This song really really surprised me… my favorite line in this album is. “I’ve been talking to God like hes my therapist!” You can see how much Big Sean values his family… I really enjoyed hearing Eminem in this song.. i can feel like he brought back the old Eminem.. like back when he released his first couple albums .. and was really nitty gritty and vulgar ass fuck! & thats what i wanted to hear from him!

  • this is a little off topic.. but i do feel the need to comment on this … because I get that when an artist gets really big.. they start to have a couple of albums under their belt and a few awards.. and really start to touch money… they kinda diminishes into the mainstream waave… and It takes away alot of their creativity… it masks what really truly makes them.. well them… Like remember when Lil Wayne from 2004 – 2011 was just dropping all these really good albums and had like a flow going?.. like his own flow that made him.. him… Then its like he kinda fell off because he was done touring for a while and just wanted to do his thang.. but still was Featuring on so many upcoming artists? everyone wanted him to make a debut… but in my eyes that made him less of an artist… it seemed like he was on everyones new albums and just all over the place… and i feel like Eminem sorta did the same.. when Rihanna released Loved the way you Lie ft Eminem i pretty much threw in the towel for him… I was so annoyed that he had become so mainstream and was rapping about who knows what… i just felt like it was more about being on the radio at that point then writing music about stuff he was passionate about… But i do understand that they also need a break… Making an album is alot more than we could ever imagine… it takes so much time.. especially when you write your own stuff… but expect to lose a huge majority of your “real fan base”.if you decided to go that route

*(Alright well i don’t want this review to also become a spoiler … for those who haven’t heard the whole album.. So I’ll skip on some songs and just stick to the key points that i feel are important to me)

Song #6 Moves, also was released on Dec.16, 2016 a month right after Bounce Back… And this song was another really good song to listen to when your on your way to a fun destination and your tryna’ get in a good vibe! So that was another good choice on releasing for the upcoming album.

I really like that he added to his previous collaborative project with Jhené Aiko titled Twenty88. naming the song Same Time Pt. 1 Ft. Jhene Aiko. Which makes me wonder if there will be a second part to that project…(Wishful thinking) At his album release party he kept thanking his girlfriend Jhené, expressing how much she helped him through this album… Which makes me so incredibly happy because even if we look past how they got together… you can see the love that they have for one another… Their both such beautiful spiritual beings.. and upon learning how Big Sean became what he is today… you start to understand… him.. and what he really needs as an artist to move forward and become better. and he made a really good choice by linking up with her.. i think they both really just compliment each other! So im happy that she plays a big part in his success. They both deserve each other!

Alright going to skip to # 11 on the album, Sunday Morning Jetpack ft. The Dream… Oooo This song is the song that tugged at my heart.. made me peak a lil into his past… its one of those songs that you close your eyes to and since its so detailed you really feel like Big Sean paints a picture and walks you thru the song… makes it feel so much like a dream… but what i love about Big Sean is he really sticks to the theme… and it all just makes sense… just the artisty in his album is so fresh… and dreamy like.. I’ve mentioned this before but you really can see how much he truly loves his family within this album.. he incorporates all of the important people that made a difference in his life in his music.. and that right there really shows me what kind of person he really is! I come from a big family.. and have a really close relationship with my grandma so every time he mentions either her or his mom the waterworks sorta just happen… You can see how much his grandma really inspired him as a boy… and how he reflects now on his younger self and now appreciates her for teaching him all that she did..

  • Side note; i recently found out that Big Sean was signed to G.O.O.D Music.. which Holy F!! thats my favorite record label.. (thanks to Kanye West) and at first when i listened to the album i realized how much he mentioned Ye throughout his album.. but didn’t really understand… then after doing some research i realized right away OMG no wonder he thanks Ye so much… Hes the one who noticed him and got him in the studio.. and MAN do i love that… i love how grateful Sean Don is to the people who helped him get to where hes at now… he says in track # 11 “You the reason that i ever touched my first franklin, fast forward im in Kanye crib with Kurt Franklin!” ughh.. i love that! so beautifully said Don!! in a way you see how everything becomes one.. how it all ties in together! I applaud him so much for this song..

I can go on and on and on about this because i really love how he put his heart into this song… If you have an elder in your family that you really value and look up to and hold deeply in your heart… You’ll understand…

# 12 Inspire Me. For starters i love that he didn’t feature anyone on this song, because you can tell that this one truly came from the heart..  Clearly this song was souly dedicated to his mother.. (#HEARTJERKING) And letting her know how much he was inspired by her.. He talks about how much more she deserves.. and how he wishes he should do alot more for her… how shes such an amazing woman that she deserves more than one can express… I love how he incorporates (for us to understand the deeper meaning of how much she really deserves) that shes deserves better than his dad… I teared up a bit hearing this song… Because like I’ve said before.. i relate so hard with him.. I can feel the love that flows from his words… “ I should be with you on vacation
I should take you where you should be taken Asia, Africa, Dubai, anything you want, I do buy Just want you to know I do try To take care of ya, mama you the one, you the one You the moon, you the stars, you the sun I’m so happy I’m your son” ❤

OMGSH and then he comes out with #13 Sacrifices Ft. Migos!! Which i love because he switches it up a lil… turns it more into a Rap then a song.. and the verses are so good… and the song itself to me becomes masterpiece… Currently obsessing over Migos.. So i really enjoyed this song.. They talk about everything they had to sacrifice to be where they’re at… which makes alot of us question… like what do you have to sacrifice? haha being a celeb and all.. but we forget that they’re humans too.. they go thru their own kind of pain, loss, they have to deal with alot more than we think… money always comes with a price… and not all of them become instant celebs.. some have to work their way up to the stardom… both Big Sean and the Migo clan had to do so themselves…

And to wrap up the album #14 Bigger Than Me Ft. The Flint Chozen Choir // Starrah !! Making it one of the best songs to end the album with… If you listen to the album front to back you really feel the bittersweet ending to the album itself.. he speaks on something that many of us can relate to when we reach a certain age and are looking back on our life… looking at where we are and what we’ve became.. he speaks on people from his past 10 years later who are still in the same place.. and how pathetic that is.. also speaks on how even with having all this money it doesn’t necessarily always fulfill this perception that we all think will fill the void of “if only i had” ..”Used to want that foreign Got that foreign, now it’s boring “ … and then for the last bit of the song.. where hes in a faint conversation with Myra Anderson (Big Seans mother) … & she says how she feels like shes been living through him.. like she got a second chance at life again… then you hear him tell her about this life of regret that he feels he lived at one point .. and how he wakes up motivated to want to change that… but all in all you see how they both tie into each other.. shes living thru her son… which makes sense.. because for a woman who worked so hard for her son and he now gets to compensate her.. and relieve her from her duties and let her live a life that she truly deserves.. and that is truly what we all should strive for.. Live for the ones who put you up…. And always give back… Always.. especially to the ones who made you who you are today… in the end of the song as hes speaking still to his mother you see him say a quote.. but as you’ve all reflected already thru the album (hopefully) you understand it all right at this moment… he’s repeating something his grandma use to say to him as a child… and then her voice overlaps his.. and like a memory it blends into one quote… “It’s all about living in the moment. Period.” …

And just like that.. the album executes every expectation i ever had for the album itself…. I do feel like i was inspired truly from this album.. and im so happy that i got to experience it thoroughly… Big Sean completely has a solid fan in me and im so excited to see whats in store for him in 2017. hoping to get to see him live this year on tour for this album! And sooo excited that Madeintyo is head lining his tour! Another amazing artist!!

So all in all i give this album a 5 Star rating!! Congrats Big Sean on the new album! hope nothing but good vibes and an amazing tour to come!! ~ big-sean-i-decide


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